Sazarus is an "expanded" computer game made in Unity 3D that involves a procedurally-scrambled alphabet, "geo"-glyphed Martian terrain, pattern recognition, non-human protocol, choreographed interaction and physically-harnessed randomness. It has been assembled and re-assembled into installations in five actualizations so far - 0, I, II, III, IV.

Sazarus 0 was exhibited at Yvonne Lambert Gallery, Berlin as part of Plural Melts (2.20.2016 - 3.5.2016), Sarazus I was exhibited at Jupiter Woods, Vienna (5.7.2016 - 5.29.2016), Sazarus II was exhibited at Voidoid Archive, Glasgow as part of Vaporents, curated by Dane Sutherland (6.25.2016 - 7.4.2016)

SAZARUS I, installation at Jupiter Woods, Vienna (5.7.2016 - 5.29.2016).