'Sweet Guardian' at Podium, Oslo, September 29th - October 15th, 2017

Traffic tacks. Cross-from-to.

Snake-squalls. It continues. Mutation-Recounts. Trivia.

Night Screen :: white lines.

This is what it tells itself:

They gather around an autonomous two-dimensional snake game, unfolding inside of an abstracted Petri dish. The snake’s meandering movement and eventual collision with its peers are recorded, examined and translated into unadulterated knowledge, systematically reforming an alphabet out of loose bits of line, mass, and void.

Randomness is their sweet guardian, caressing them gently with its abundance of extra fingers. It lives somewhere between an unknowable, divine force and a legitimized pseudo-subjectivity; the serpentine coil that brings their weather scrambles their emotions and drives their cosmos.

The exhibition comprises of a two-channel generative video, sound, wall drawings and performance.