Neutral Paradise Sound Salon happened on November 23rd 2012, at Hannah Barry Gallery, Peckham, London. It was WHIP Records' first night of sights and sounds outside America. Ian Campbell has been releasing small runs of vinyl and cassettes by: his band Behavior and the solo material of member Bryce Hackford, Kevin Morby (The Babies, Woods), the late Jamie Ewing (Bent Outta Shape), La Big Vic, Viktor Timofeev, Jacques Louis Vidal, Christopher Cerrone, M Lamar, The Unstoppable Death Machines, The Fish, Feral Men, C.B. Brand, collages from the first twenty four hour performance, the 45/33 and Steps mixtapes and Campbell's own mixtape and songs. The packaging is raw, DIY and conceptually seductive; often each copy of a release is unrecognisable as a relative to another. 

Neutral Paradise Sound Salon featured performances by Viktor Timofeev, Bryce Hackford and Known Ocean, who all think about texture. The performances happened in a cavernous environment built by Viktor Timofeev, with the light projections of Ivy Meadows, New York-based multimedia artist Camila Padgitt-Coles, who currently works with video, plays with the outfit Future Shuttle and has made many music videos--including WHIP artists such as Behavior and Bryce Hackford:

The viewing room featured the current WHIP catalog of LPs, 7" and cassettes, along with other releases by the performers, and recent collages by Ian Campbell and Viktor Timofeev. Also available were Viktor Timofeev's two newest publications, Topophilia--published this June by Cologne-based Strzelecki Books--and the freshly self-xeroxed Topophobia.

Viktor Timofeev is a visual artist who also makes music:

Bryce Hackford produces and performs music:

Known Ocean is the project of Welsh Londoner Rhys Knowles:


WHIP Records catalogue.


Topophobia books, edition of 80.

Collages on book covers by Viktor Timofeev, 12'' LP Viktor Timofeev & Bryce Hackford, Kodachrome collages by Ian Campbell.

Viktor Timofeev, ''WMWMWM', oil, ink, tape, collage on book cover, 2012.


Ian Campbell, 'New Space The City', Kodachrome photo collage, 2012.



Below : Performances - Viktor Timofeev/Bryce Hackford/Known Ocean.